Virtuoso accreditation

Central and South America, Europe,
Australia, Japan, South East Asia,
Jordan, Africa, Northern California and
the Pacific Northwest, North Central
USA, Canada

Independent Travel, Complex
Itineraries, Nature/Wildlife,  
Food/Wine, Ecotravel, Off the Beaten
Path, Adventure, Small Ship Cruising
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*As of January 2019, I am no longer taking new clients.  If interested in a referral to another qualified
Virtuoso agent, please contact me at the email address below.  Previous and existing clients feel free to
contact me at any time.

In 2008 I worked in the world of the Fortune 100, while helping a friend plan her destination wedding on the
side. And I realized how much I enjoyed it.  More than ten years later, I still enjoy putting together complex
travel itineraries, food and wine tours, outdoor and wildlife adventures.

I love the detail work, the research, finding all the pieces and pulling them together to make your travels the
best you could ever imagine. Working with colleagues and companies around the world is wonderful, but it  pales
beside the pleasure of hearing how successful a trip has been.

My own travels have taken me around the world: To Japan, where I feel I’m truly in a foreign land; and to
Greece, where on first sight, I felt I’d found my home. The Galapagos were a remarkable journey – I love the
small ship experience! – and I’ll go just about anywhere if I can get there by train!

Unlike many in our industry, I didn’t just “happen” into a career in travel. I came to it by choice, with a drive
and a focus honed by years in corporate consulting. Like consulting, travel is a business of details, and it brings
me great pleasure to create a complex itinerary that clients thought was “impossible”.  With over a decade in
the industry, I’m still learning. I think that’s an advantage; I bring a passion to the discovery of new places, the
planning of new adventures. And it’s that passion that helps me make your travels an experience of a lifetime.

I am proud to be an affiliate of Travel Experts, a member of the prestigious Virtuoso network, and for
the added amenities and offers it provides to my valued clients.

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